Air source water heater in winter maintenance knowledge

Words, people who want to spend the winter, the air source water heater in the home also want to the winter. Winter to do a good job of maintenance machine related, can ensure that it can provide you with a winter warm boiled water.


1. switch wind valve
The temperature drop, if you don't need the kitchen air conditioning, please switch three-way reversing valve, wind will air exhaust to the outside.Specific operation method is as follows (except flagship) :

2. Set the target temperature
Please send mode setting of the machine in the standard heating mode.Usually used in winter bath water temperature for 42 ℃, at this time recommend to set the goal of air conditioning water heater temperature of 55 ℃, so can not only ensure the comfort of hot water, and can meet the demand of hot water supply.When water consumption increases in the home, need to set the target temperature, which can fully meet the demand of the water heater.


3. Check the air inlet for the leaves sundry 
Please check whether the air inlet unimpeded, if it is found that air inlet have leaves or other stuff please keep clear of in time, in order to ensure the normal operation of the machine.


4. Periodic blowdown
The effect of pressure relief valve is to protect the water tank, when the water tank internal water pressure is too large, the valve will automatically pressure drainage, thus protecting water tank.
Suggest user 3-6 month to pull the valve handle regularly, 3-4 times in a row, each time for about 5 seconds, to ensure that the body can normal pressure.In the process of the pressure relief occasionally with "buzzing" sound, at the same time have the water out, it belongs to the normal phenomenon.

5.  To choose reasonable boot time
Air source water heater is by absorbing heat from the air heating, the higher the temperature of the air, the higher the heating efficiency, therefore, the user can according to the local temperature changes, choose the best time to boot operation to reduce power consumption.Generally speaking, in the winter, the highest temperature during the 13 to 15 points at noon, then start the air can water heater heating, can shorten the heating time, reduce power consumption.


6. Hot and cold don't panic
If users in the use of hot water, hot water faucet in the condition of the hot and cold, should pay attention to whether multiple hot water faucet to provide hot water at the same time, on the premise of tap water supply pressure is constant, at the same time open multiple hot water faucet, can reduce the hot water pressure, a hot water hot and cold conditions;If there is no open at the same time more hot water faucet, and circulating water tank installation, need to check whether circulating water tank water of the one-way valve damage, one-way valve damage also blows hot and cold hot water could be happening, change the one-way valve can be repaired.