Air source heat pump ten big advantage

1, Low operating cost, energy saving effect is prominent.Air source heat pump can save 70% energy compared with conventional products.With gas, electricity and electric auxiliary heating, compared to the solar water heater for the lowest cost, better than solar water heater (with auxiliary electrical heating), is 1/3 of gas water heaters, electric water heater around a quarter.Each power 1 kw can produce an average of 4 kw of heat energy, the same power consumption system, hot water about three times more than in the boiler.
2, Stable performance, is not affected by the environment.Air source heat pump all-weather running all the year round, and not night, cloudy, rain and snow, such as bad weather, can achieve full-year 365 days, 24 hours hot water. 


3. Wide range of application.Air source heat pump in range of applicable temperature - 7 to 40 ℃, and all-weather use all the year round, cloudy, rain, snow and other inclement weather, and the impact of winter night, can be used normally.Continuous heating, compared with the traditional solar energy storage type, continuous heating, heat pump product can continuously heating water, meet the demand of user.
4, Safety performance is good, without any hidden trouble.Unlike electricity and gas water heater, air can heat pump by indirect heating mode exchange heat with water, no leakage, leakage safety hidden trouble.


5, Combination of multiple sets of installation to set up the central hot water system.Can turn more groups of the same type of heat pump units in parallel with, make sure the water heater for the whole body work, meet the requirement of hot water consumption peak, and provides the guarantee for a large number of with hot water.Hot water usage, can only use one group of heat pump unit and the other is shut, also can turn off when the maintenance of a set of heat pump units without affecting other continue to provide hot water heat pump units.
6, Suitable for all kinds of organizations use hot water engineering.Air source heat pump can achieve unattended, automatic operation, centralized hot water supply is equipped with water temperature, water level display.


 7. Save space, use convenient.Air source heat pump covers an area of space is very small, shape and air conditioning separate-bodied air-conditioners are similar, can be directly by heat preservation water tank or connected to the heating pipe network, is suitable for the high-rise building big-middle cities, to the problem of large central heating is the best choice.Don't need solar panels, covers an area of 95%, with solar water heating equipment can reduce the area of the solar collector 50%, save a lot of solar collector area, reduce the volume of hot water storage tank.


8. To realize the automatic system.Run automatically, without unattended and bring temperature control device and thermal insulation layer, can be automatically filling water, heating, power outages, can provide hot water 24 hours a day.Users in any weather conditions, at any time can enjoy the hot water.
9, Environmentally friendly products, energy-saving to pollution.Without any pollution, without any burning outside, will not cause damage to human body, has the good social efficiency.
10, Long service life and low maintenance cost.The service life of the air can heat pump for more than 15 years, equipment performance is stable.By indirect heating mode, safe operation, high degree of automation.