The professional knowledge of air source heat pump (3)

1. Air source (heat pump) water heater noise?
Use enclosed mute compressor, and internally uses the sound-absorbing processing, so the noise is very small.Only slightly fan air flow noise, equivalent to a window air conditioner to send wind, noise decibel value about 50 decibels.Its working condition for interval operation, short working time, and the water heater and the bedroom will be a certain distance and cut off, will not affect the user life rest.

2. Air source (heat pump) water heater heat preservation effect how?
Without then heating, the environment temperature at 25 ℃, cooling in 2 ~ 3 ℃ during the day and night for 3 ~ 4 ℃.At room temperature and environmental temperature, there will be changed a little.


3. Air source (heat pump) water heater installation need to pay attention to what?
As far as possible close to the wall, so that the installation;Close to water sources and water position, in order to reduce pipe length, split type install will beneficial to winter cold air from outside (if necessary), reducing heat loss;Near the outside wall place, easy to build, will facilitate the winter cold air from outside.In addition, it is better for floor drain, in order to facilitate the condensed water discharge.

4. Air source (heat pump) water heaters up to how much hot water can make?
From the product performance and theoretically, and the air source (heat pump) water heaters, cycling, all producing hot water.Under normal temperature, can be made per hour hot water (45 ℃ - 55 ℃) as follows: according to the unit size.

5. Air source (heat pump) water heater can be used in the scope of what?
a. industrial production with hot water;
b. factory bath with hot water, drinking hot water washing, preheating, hospital bath with hot water
c. schools or private student dormitory, staff dormitory shower with hot water;
d. hotels, hotels, guest houses a large number of * * central heating water, bath center, restaurant, hotel kitchen with hot water;
e. beauty salon industry water drinking water preheating, kindergarten school;
f. family use hot water shower, bathtub, massage bathtub,, especially suitable for high-level, villa homes, and use hot water users;
g. family ground plate, the plate fin, fan type heating with hot water;
h. car washing, washing, all life with hot water.

6. Whether air source  (heat pump) water heaters and solar of combined heating system?
Can completely. Solar thermal system set in good weather can not use heat pump, only in the wet and heat pump is up and running at night, when the whole cost is reduced, and can ensure 24-hour, and use all the year round.