The professional knowledge of air source heat pump (2)

1. How much air source (heat pump) water heaters save electricity?
Generally use 220 ~ 240 v power source, 220 w ~ 910 w power, every time a work (compressor) 160 ~ 180 L, but the production of hot water available for 2- 4 people use, day power consumption 2 degrees (low temperature cold weather conditions, the power consumption will be slightly higher), daily consumption of money 1 ~ 2 yuan or so, so 2-4 people family is only an average 30 ~ 40 yuan per month.While gas fee of about 150 yuan, and 200L electric water heater in 2000 w, heat preservation and heat every day need 15 degrees electric consumption, about 7.5 yuan, month cost 200 yuan (power consumption will be higher when the cold weather). Guangteng air source (heat pump) water heaters compare electric water heater in a month can save cost of about 70 ~ 80%.


2. Air source  (heat pump) water heaters will have scale ?
Because of the air source (heat pump) water heater using medium temperature (55 ℃), so will not produce any scale.And general electric water heater for the high temperature of 280 ~ 300 ℃ heating, so it's easy to produce scale, which in turn results in a decreased thermal efficiency, power consumption increases, the water pressure is reduced, or even cause safety accidents.


3. Air source  (heat pump) water heater can moving to use?
Can completely. According to the instructions for water release, will be moved to the appropriate location, again according to installation instructions to install, can be normal use. But please by professional installation personnel to do.


4. Air source (heat pump) water heater have any impact on environmental protection?
Do not use the gas so won't produce waste gas, do not destroy the ozone layer. COP for at least three more at the same time, is 2/3 of even 3/4 of electricity saving than electric water heater, gas water heater and solar water heater in auxiliary heating costs for 1/2 or 2/3.And once each reduce consumption power, can reduce the power of 1.5 pounds of carbon dioxide produced when, also can reduce the damage to the ozone layer.At the same time the air (heat pump) water heaters to extract heat from the air after heating, eduction is the cold wind, is beneficial to improve the environment temperature, reduce the greenhouse effect.Air source (heat pump) water heater also have the function of the filter, purify indoor air, which, together with other air source products to become the main environmental protection and energy saving.