The professional knowledge of the air source heat pump (1)

1. (heat pump) water heater have any requirements on installation location?
Can be installed in the bathroom, kitchen, close the balcony, garage, stair corner, storeroom, attic, basement, and even the sitting room, such as any position, especially in the kitchen.Hot, because of the bad cooking kitchen air air (heat pump) water heater installed in the kitchen, will greatly improve the air quality in kitchen, lower the temperature in the kitchen.

2. (heat pump) water heater for the room space is limited, the installation in the balcony can't enjoy other features?
Small bedroom resident if installed in open closed balcony cold air leaked out, and we won't be able to enjoy other features.But hot water function alone more than gas water heaters, electric water heater, solar water heaters save electricity, save cost and safety, convenient.For best results, we suggest that such as housing is small, should be installed in the users of the balcony had better close the balcony with aluminum alloy after installed in the air (heat pump) water heaters, and indoor air convection can enjoy other features, more can isolate outside noise and dust.


3. Air source (heat pump) water heater if the operation and work?
The computer automatic control, without manual operation.First installation must be filled with cold water (outlet flow out), the cold water from 15 ℃ to 55 ℃ (1 P 150L) need about 1.5 hours, on average every 1.6 ℃, power consumption (winter cold water temperature of about 15 ℃ to 55 ℃ requires 2 ℃).When the temperature reaches 55 ℃, automatic stop, also other additional functions shall be stopped.When start to use hot water, to stay in the water heater temperature 45 ℃, the water heater will automatically start making hot water, can produce continuously 120 ~ 170 L per hour or more hot water (per hour depending on different models built hot water will be different).Water temperature reached 55 ℃ will automatically stop, stand ready to provide others with hot water. The cycle, reciprocating cycle.

4. Air source (heat pump) water heater can provide many people use?
Temperature control will automatically stop when set at 55 ℃, when start to use hot water, there will be into the cold water, until the temperature fell to 45 ℃ (set), can be arbitrary, the system will automatically start, per hour can produce 45 ~ 55 ℃ hot water continuously from 100 to 700 litres (specific varies by product).After tests, each shower water temperature should be 42 ℃, 40 ~ 50 litres of hot water, air, heat pump water heater can provide more than 3 people shower one-time continuous.3 but normal shower time should be 1 hour, so add hot water could be used by more people.