What the highest temperature of air source heat pump water heater

"The highest temperature air source heat pump water heater can only up to 60 degrees?"A lot of consumer have such doubt, in fact, the air source heat pump water heater is the highest temperature can reach 80 degree obviously, but most of the air source heatp pump water heater is the highest temperature is only 60 degrees, but the reason is that probably most people are sciolistic, today for everyone to explain in detail.



In common air source water heater only 60 degrees, the highest temperature scale, prevent water tank due to the safety of the unit, actually in the overseas advanced heat pump technology, air source water heater has already out of the water temperature reached 100 degrees, but in the domestic air source water heater temperature can reach 60-80 degrees is the most comfortable temperature, what will reach 80 degrees.
Air source water heater temperature to 80 degrees is actually the most healthy, has the effect of high temperature sterilization, the water temperature of 80 degrees can kill 98% of the microorganisms, say goodbye to the pollution water thoroughly, so that water is the most safe, 45 to 60 degrees of water while comfortable, but also some microbes suitable temperature, so the water temperature of 80 degrees is the safest and most healthy.


Air source water heater to 80 degrees temperature is ordinary air can water heater can't have it installed imported phosphorus silicon crystal, it can filter the impurity in the purified water to prevent the production of scale, for the unit safety, imported compressor and spare parts, also used the double heat detection technique, the empty vessel explosion proof design to prevent safety in the process of heating unit.And small volume, with four times the water yield of similar products.
So the air source water heater, water temperature of 60 degrees just technology breakthroughs, air can water heater water temperature of 80 degrees, just the most healthy.