Application of Air Source Heat Pump in Rural Market

Air source heat pump is driven by the motor, mainly the use of steam compression refrigeration cycle of the working principle of the ambient air for the cold (hot) source of cold (hot) wind or cold (hot) water equipment, its main parts including hot side heat exchange equipment, and heat source side heat exhanger equirment and compressors.  Air heat ( source) heat pump mainly use the heat in the air as a low temperature heat source, through the traditional air conditioner in the condenser or evaporator for heat exchange, and then through the circulatory system, extraction or release of heat, the use of the unit’s circulation system energy transferred to the building, so as to meet the user’s life hot water, floor heating and air conditioning and other needs. 

Air source heat pump is the country’s introduction of rural coal to electricity policy of the primary product, through the air source heat pump to connect home heating equipment such as heating, radiator, etc. Can not only make you worry about winter heating, and air source heat pump is also available in the summer for cooling. Air source heat pump is to work through the energy of electricity, energy is the best energy, compared to coal,natural gas, etc.,

Energy is not used, and the price is cheaper than coal, natural gas, in rural areas, electricity costs about in the 50 cents about 1 degree, while the city building users electricity about 2yuan 1 degree. In comparison, or rural electricity cheaper, it is more confirmed that the countryside is very suitable for air source heat pump. 

Air source heat pump is not only saved by electricity, but also through the work of electricity will not cause pollution to our air environment. Compared to coal, coal in the burning time will produce a lot of carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and other harmful gases, will seriously undermine our air environment. Moreover, rural users in the boiler with coal when the coal is  mostly in a closed room, this is greatly trigger the probability of gas poisoning, harm to our human body. And the use of air source heat pump will not appear above the problem. 

Air source heat pump is the most popular winter heating source, it is not only effective and the cost is very affordable, is the most cost-effective heating facilities. But even so, many rural users due to take into account the air source heat pump in the initial installation of some of the price high on the pass off the air source heat pump, but the air source heat pump in the latter part of the operation price is very affordable, which is the coal fired boiler and gas boiler than can not.