Analysis of air source heat pump sought after by the market

Worked hard to save the down payment finally ready to be renovated, "here is to be equipped with air conditioning" "here to give the radiator leave a space" "bathroom had to put a water heater" "kitchen also have hot water" I feel there is not a few square, but also put so much body size huge furniture, room has become a worry. The market is obviously hungry for a heating system that saves space.

In this market demand, coupled with our country in recent years has been advocating environmental protection economy, building an ecological civilization, air-source heat pump began to be popular, then why it in the traditional market from opening to the popular? Through the visit, the survey found that, Air-source heat pump relative to other heating systems, it has the use of safety, low-carbon energy-saving, comfortable, durable and so on.



Safe to use: Compared with the traditional use of coal, electricity heating, air source heat pump does not exist leakage, gas water heater gas leaks, air pollution, air source heat pump is the use of heat in the air to raise water temperature, water and electricity to promote power Will not have direct contact, allowing users to rest assured that use.

Low-carbon Energy-saving: Since entering the 21st century, people are increasingly pursuing their own quality of life and their sense of responsibility to the society is getting heavier and heavier. The concept of environmental protection such as low-carbon life and green consumption enjoys popular support. The air source heat pump is the use of heat in the air to raise water temperature, air energy belong to renewable resources, in line with the law of scientific development. Low-carbon light obviously not enough to attract consumers, energy saving, air-source heat pump water heaters energy efficiency as high as 300% -500% (generally take the industry average of 400%). It is also due to outstanding energy-saving, the State Ministry of Science and officially listed the air source heat pump "Torch Program."

Comfort and convenience: air source heat pump using patented technology - indirect flow over-heating, the use of hot water will not be hot and cold, hot water pressure, good comfort. As long as the temperature is higher than 0 degrees, the air source heat pump will be able to provide hot water around the clock to make up for the solar hot water system rainy days, night, no sunlight, no hot water available on the embarrassment.

Durable: air-source heat pump using medium temperature (55 ℃) and unique patented technology "over-current indirect heating" to create hot water, will only produce a small amount of scale. The general electric water heaters 80 - 100 ℃ heating, it is easy to produce scale, resulting in reduced thermal efficiency, increased power consumption, reduced water pressure, and even lead to accidents. So the equipment performance is stable, the service life reaches 15 years.

In addition, the air source heat pump in summer to provide central air conditioning, winter to provide heating, domestic hot water, can meet the needs of both winter and summer, a piece of equipment only occupy a space, but let people feel the central air conditioning, geothermal, water heaters Three aspects of the perfect feeling, naturally, since the market has been gradually sought after by the market.