Air source heat pump with a multi-purpose, cooling and heating are great

The heating season has arrived, heating has once again become the focus of public attention. This year, due to the prevalence of "coal to electricity", the use of coal-fired boilers has been greatly reduced, a new generation of air source heat pump heating equipment boarded the "stage" is well known to us. However, many people do not know that air-source heat pumps can cool apart from heating.

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Heat pump heating efficient and environmentally friendly

In heating, the air-source heat pump has already proved its worth in the "coal to electricity". Since 2014, the state has stepped up the reform of clean heating and the production of air source heat pumps has been increasing. Every year, more households use air source heat pumps. Initially, the main area of "coal to electricity" is Beijing, including Shunyi District, Mentougou District, Tongzhou District, Miyun District, Fangshan District and other regions, have carried out the banned coal-fired boilers. Air source heat pump installation has become a beautiful local "landscape." Then, with the introduction of policies by the three places in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, they jointly worked together to build a "coal-free zone" and center Beijing on the installation of air-source heat pumps to "radiate" the surrounding areas.

Air source heat pump heating to the heat in the air as a heat source, with a small amount of electric energy to drive. Zero coal consumption in the heating process, zero emissions. Heat pump heating efficiency is also much higher than the regenerative electric heating and coal boilers, the cost of coal with almost, but the heating comfort and environmental protection has been significantly improved.

Refrigeration is not dry, enhance comfort

Although the main function of heat pump equipment is heating, but also widely used in refrigeration. In summer, the air-source heat pump is switched to "air-conditioning mode". The heat pump unit provides low-temperature cooling water which flows through the pipe to the fan coil for the exchange of cooling capacity. The fan coil releases cold air to reduce the indoor temperature . According to the actual measurement of the project, when the outdoor temperature is 30 ℃, the cooling effect of the air source heat pump is outstanding, and the indoor air temperature can be reduced to about 20 ℃.

Moreover, heat pump refrigeration and conventional air conditioning and refrigeration is a little different in nature, the cold wind is changed from the cold water, so not as air-conditioned cooling so dry, there has been a significant improvement in comfort.