Air source heat pump winter frost points

Into the winter, air-source heat pump antifreeze work is particularly important. In addition , Guangteng is a leading ang profeeional pool heating factory in China , which creates advanced  air-source heat pump antifreezes. Air energy network experts summed up the air source heat pump several antifreeze points for your reference.


1. Do not power off the host easily

The use of air-source heat pump heating mostly at night when the temperature is relatively low, the daytime temperature is high or not at home, some users are likely to turn off the host in order to save electricity. This is actually very dangerous, because the air source heat pump heat generated by the water as a carrier for heat transfer, when used in low temperature environment, if the power, the host is likely to be frozen.

The correct method should be in the host does not require work, the unit set the temperature set to a minimum, the unit to ensure antifreeze function can work, so that you can effectively solve the energy waste and unit antifreeze issues.

After a long period of passive power outage, this time the user should open the live and the valve are open, the drain in the pipeline clean. In this way, even if the power outage, but also to avoid freezing the pipes and the host due to low temperature.

2. Do not pile up debris around the host

Air source heat pump heating is the absorption of heat in the air, and then after the evaporator vaporized, compressed into high pressure gas compressor, and then into the condenser liquefaction, the absorption of heat transfer to the heated water, so reciprocating, and constantly absorb the source of low temperature Heat and output the heated water, directly reaches the predetermined temperature. If the host piled around debris, and close, it will certainly affect the heat transfer effect. In general, leave at least 80 cm around the host.

Ventilation is not good, will affect the heating effect of the machine, so pay attention to more clean, but also note that the host fan is blown out of the cold, blocked in front of debris, will affect the chilly wind dispersion, so It will lead to lack of heat in the air, affecting the heat transfer effect. Therefore, the front of the fan is best not to have a barrier within 2 meters, too close to the cold may also be sent back to the host, so the heating effect is very low.

From a variety of cases, the location of the air source heat pump installation is very important, and only to maintain the ventilation, to ensure the heating effect of the equipment. In addition, into the special weather, the user should be on the air source heat pump for the corresponding maintenance, inspection and maintenance. It is understood that under normal circumstances, people can set the corresponding air temperature heat pump source value, or the use of antifreeze, the use of electricity with tropical tools and other air-source heat pump antifreeze treatment to ensure the normal supply of hot water.