Air source heat pump water heater three advantages and safety of use

With the continuous improvement of people's quality of life, we use a lot of electrical appliances in our daily life so as to facilitate our daily life. There are many kinds of electrical appliances in our water supply to meet the needs of our daily life. Different appliances have different functions, in life, we will use water heaters and other water-related appliances and water heaters in the market there are many, so in the purchase should be based on their actual situation to purchase, the following brief introduction of air source heat pump water heater.


Air source heat pump water heater three major advantages

Energy saving

Air source heat pump water heater is the biggest advantage of energy saving. The low-temperature thermal energy in the air through the compressor into high-temperature heat, the same amount of hot water manufacturing base, compared with the electric heater water heater to maximize energy conservation, the use of electric water heater only 1/4, and the traditional gas water heater, do not consume any gas fuel, the cost of using gas water heater is only 1/3. Air as the main body, saving energy, not only can save people's use of the cost, but also conforms to the main energy-saving world, which is one of the biggest bright spots of air-source heat pump water heaters.


Air source heat pump water heater selling point is air, and for household items, one of the most basic needs of people is easy to use, therefore, convenient become the second highlight of air source heat pump water heater. Air-source heat pump water heaters are very convenient compared to solar water heaters, because the quantity of air is not affected by indoor or outdoor weather and sunny days. Whether it is installed indoors or outdoors, the weather is above zero degrees Celsius, Can be used. In addition, after using a box of water, the air-source heat pump water heater can re-create a box of hot water in less than one hour for use by the whole family around the clock.

Environmental protection

Energy-saving and environmental protection are mutually reinforcing, and environmental protection is the air-source heat pump water heater on the energy-saving advantages of another plus point. First of all, the air source heat pump water heater uses electric energy compressed air to make heat energy, which does not emit exhaust gas and poisonous gas. It not only safe but also creates a pollution-free bathing environment. Second, air-source heat pump water heaters use up to 15-20 years, high life not only can reduce the cost and trouble of people to replace the water heater, in a sense, it is to reduce the garbage manufacturing, which is an important aspect of environmental protection .

Safe use of air source heat pump water heaters

Electric water heater leakage potential safety hazard, there is the gas water heater gas poisoning problems, and these two water heaters, air-source heat pump water heaters through the medium heat exchanger, to avoid direct contact with the electric heating element and water. In this way to solve the electric water heater leakage hazards exist.

Second, because the raw material is air, it also ruled out the possibility of gas water heater gas explosion or gas poisoning, so that people are more comfortable to use