Air source heat pump water heater the five problems and solutions of common

The word "air source heat pump" search volume increasing, product also gradually to the rural market, more users of airsource heat pump the appearance and function of agreed, but the air source heat pump water heater is in use process, will meet some problems, sums up today the five problems of air source heat pump water heater is common and after detailed analysis of the corresponding solutions.

A.  Air source heat pump water heater compressor oil loss?
Analysis of reasons: 1. The suction pressure is too low    2.Refrigerant circuit block      3. Thermal expansion valve opening is too little
Solution: 1. Improve the evaporator side load, have without block   2. Check the suction pipe valve leakage, add refrigerant   3. Clean or replace the thermal expansion valve

B. The compressor noise big?
Analysis of the reasons: 1. Low oil pressure   2. Bad or broken muffler, the exhaust valve  3. Machine inside the pipeline, valve parts loose fastening parts, vibration   4. Thermal expansion valve opening is too large
Solution: 1. The oil change, muffler, the exhaust valve   2.Check the fastening of the compressor, pipe, valve parts   3. Adjust the thermal expansion valve opening degree

C. Compressor non-stop?
The cause of the problem: 1. The sensing probe resistance is wrong or sensing line break fall 2. Thermostat positioning of failure or mistake
Solution: 1. Change the sensing probe (2) to repair or replace the thermostat was laid

D. Functioning but heating capacity?
Analysis of reasons: 1. The compressor exhaust valve, the thermal expansion valvedamage.

2. Lack of refrigerant system or the system has no non-condensable gas such as air.

3. Defrost controller, time relay failure.

4. Within the electromagnetic directional valve leak.

5.Hydrophilic aluminium were choked up with dirt


1. The replacement or repair or to adjust the opening degree of.

2. After the leak detection supplementary refrigerant or replace desiccant, refrigerant, electromagnetic directional valve.

3. And tap water scrub with the brush

E. Frost on the surface area of the compressor?

Analysis of reasons: 1. The thermal expansion valve failure or open too big.

2. Thermodynamic expansion valve thermal bag off.

3. Thermal expansion valve  core stuck or improper temperature set.

4. Lack of refrigerant filling

Solution:1. The adjustment, cleaning, replacement of the thermal expansion valve.

2.To bind thermal package.

3. Readjust .

4. Leak detection, leakproof, filling refrigerant