Air source heat pump water heater scaling problem

Recently received many feedback, said air source heat pump water heater scaling problems, and said the air source heat pump water heater can’t clean up after scaling and so on. In order to solve this problem, I’ve come to share some information to you.

Consumers worried about water heater scaling, is derived from the observation of daily life. With hot kettle, for example, after a long time, and a layer of scale on the surface, if not cleaned up, the longer the time, the scale is thicker. The cause of this situation, mainly because the water is river water in China, lake water and groundwater through sedimentation, remove the sediment, after disinfection sterilization, belongs to hard water. Hard water contains more calcuim( Ca), magnesium( Mg) salts and other minerals, after heating, become difficult to dissolve calcium carbonate and magnesium hydroxide, formed the scale. 

Scale is not heat conduction, will waste a lot of fuel and electricity, and loads of heavy metal ions adsorption, endanger human body health. Regardless of the type of water heater, all is to use tap water heating, so inevitably will face scale problem. Especially in water hardness is higher, the consumer is bound to be more worried. 

Now water heater technology is progressing every year, especially the progress of temperature control technology, make scale formation becomes more difficult. People in the bath, the water temperature from 37 to 42 degrees will feel more comfortable, if more than 50 degrees, will feel hard to bear. In view of all kinds of water heater manual, generally recommend temperature 55 degrees to 60 degrees. Generally think that the critical point of scale formation in 60 degrees, heated to above 85 degrees, will be repaid, a lot of production. So in daily use, the conditions of the water heater is produced when using large scale is not enough.

For the air source heat pump water heater scale cannot remove, air source heat pump water heater with a water purification device, forming scale is very not easy, but also need to remove? In addition, even if is N years ago old air source heat pump water heater, also not clear do not exist. Scale is the main ingredient of calcium carbonate and magnesium hydroxide, using citric acid, sodium bicarbonate and vinegar can be removed. As long as your water heat can still drain water, there is no clear problem.