Air source heat pump water heater purchase guide

With another wave of substantial cooling, the southern region also successfully into the winter. In order to have a warm, comfortable winter, many consumers are planning to buy a new air-source heat pump water heater for their home. However, the market for air-source heat pump water heaters has developed exceptionally fast. Today's air energy market, flowers bloom, so many people confused when buying.

In order to help you to buy air-source heat pump water heaters more efficiently and quickly, the author summarizes the purchase skills of air-source heat pump water heaters and lists them as follows.

1. Clear household hot water demand

On-demand choice is always the "rule of thumb" to buy appliances. Air source heat pump water heaters are water storage devices, so the same water heater will have different capacities. According to the actual needs of their family choice can be. Average daily adult hot water usage is 50L / person, so the resident population by 50 is the air source heat pump water heater tank capacity should be selected.

2. Pick the right water tank material

For now, the air source heat pump water heater technology is very mature, many air-source heat pump water heaters, are better than the traditional water heater. However, this requires a precondition that the water heater tank must have sufficient pressure, high temperature capability. Good water tank, can reduce the accumulation of scale, prolonged high temperature, not prone to damage. For now, stainless steel tanks in the market more hot, is the mainstream choice.

3. Water heater compressor looking for big brands

Air-source heat pump water heaters, in fact is a heat transfer process, the whole process is the core component of the compressor. Water heater compressor quality is good or bad, directly determine the heating efficiency of the device itself. An air-source heat pump water heater equipped with a high-quality compressor not only performs quieter operation but also has a higher heating efficiency and can be heated in a shorter period of time to provide more hot water with significant energy savings. As the domestic compressor technology is still in development, most of the air-source heat pump water heater compressor or come from foreign Copeland, Toshiba, Mitsubishi and other large enterprises. Everyone in the purchase process, looking for these authoritative brand, no doubt the most direct and effective way.