Air Source Heat Pump Water Heater Noise

In fact, air source heat pump water heater before leaving the factory, factory will to noise testing machine, and will to enclosed the compressor, and inside the water heater covered a layer of sound-absorbing cotton, thus ensuring the air source heat pump water heater at run time voice in the normal range.

Besides businessmen should pay attention to when installing, users also want to do:

1, Reduce the influence of air source heat pump water heater host noise, such as compressor and sound attenuation, fan using mute type, namely can choose low noise air as much as possible.

2, Air source heat pump water heater host except within compressor pedestal have good vibration damping, heat pump machine base also should be reducing vibration measures, in addition, the air source heat pump water heater host should as far as possible away from the room, or between adjacent room acoustic screen, but should pay attention to acoustic screen should not hinder the ventilation air circulation.



3. The air source heat pump water heater host arranged in the main building the least effective.From inside to the heat pump in the roof platform gateway should be set and soundproof door sound insulation suites, or air source heat pump water heater with auxiliary rooms between host and building core tube (such as pumps, distribution room) partition.

4, The pump is also the main noise source, water pump vibration noise insulation are equally important.Conditional put the pump in the indoor, can waterproof, sound insulation, water pump should be done between sound-absorbing processing, such as the water pump in outdoor, cover with sound-absorbing materials has effect on noise reduction.


5, If the compressor is broken, the noise will become bigger, affect the normal use.If the compressor running normally, the installation is not science, it is not reasonable, can cause the compressor noise is too large.For example, if during the installation process, and the machine is not placed, will cause the runtime working medium copper tube and shell collision, or in the case of blade friction, large noise, not only affect the surrounding residents of rest, also affect the service life of the unit, the cause of failure.Only the installation of the correct and scientific, can reduce the unit running in them the more noise, guarantee normal operation of unit, also reduce the noise impact on residents.