Air source heat pump water heater is the shortage of the single tank circulation heating

Air source heat pump hot water unit adopts the different heating way, heating performance are also different.Among them, the cyclic heating heat pump hot water unit heating process with conventional heat source equipment, need through the forced circulation pump water transfer heat to the heat storage water tank, but if the water peak or winter, heating water system often can not meet the design demand, can't meet customer demand, objectively leads to the phenomenon of heat pump hot water system have a problem.

The reasons for this problem can be divided into two:
1. Poor heating performance of heat pump units, due to need the air to absorb energy saving heat continuously, so the limit of the heat pump design heating capacity is often according to the 15 hours/days or longer working hours.In addition to solar, conventional boiler heat is mainly related to energy use, the unit heating ability often is much better than the air source heat pump, so, if the air source heat pump in the water without sufficient thermal energy storage before peak, will lead to hot water supply can not meet the demand of the user of this period of time.


2. Mix water lead to low and high water temperature:If the cold water directly by the department add heat preservation water tank, so will lead to the whole case a mixture of water and the water temperature is reduced.Because of the heat pump heating is relatively slow, water tank water temperature must be reduced.In general, the cold water filling water after the water temperature is lower;The lower the temperature cold water, cold water filling water after the water temperature is lower;The slower the heating rate, the lower the water temperature of the cold water after filling water.So the single tank mix water heat pump hot water system in winter than in summer.

    If it is a simple single session timed water supply or hydrating heat pump hot water system, the single tank round robin hot water can satisfy the using demand of the user.