Air Source Heat Pump Water Heater For Traditional Installation Steps

Installation steps:

1. the positioning of the unit, the unit placement, mainly considering floor load-bearing, of the unit in and out of the influence of the wind.

2. basic production, can be used in a cement or steel channel, foundation must be on the floor of the bearing beam.

3.put adjustment, to ensure that the unit puts smoothly, the unit between the foundation and USES the damping rubber mat.

4.connection of waterway system, mainly between the host and tank water pump, valve, filter etc connection.

5.electrical connections, the host power supply cord, water pump, solenoid valve, temperature sensors, pressure switch, flow switch targets

According to the requirements of the wiring diagram of electrical connections.

6.water pressure test, the test connection has without slack phenomenon




7.machine commissioning, before starting, the unit must be grounded, adopt the machine models by megger insulation inspection.Check no problem, switched on.By multimeter pliers flow meter inspection on the machine's operating parameters such as current voltage.
8. pipe insulation, the use of rubber and plastic for thermal insulation heat preservation material, the surface is fixed with the thin aluminum or galvanized steel.

Console is divided into the overall machine and fission machine two forms.

Overallmachine condenser and pump all integrated within the host, such as user installation as long as the host in and out of the water pipe and water tank are connected.

Fission machine condenser copper pipe inside the water tank, namely user installation should not only connect the in and out of the water pipe and water tank also need to connect the refrigerant in and out of the pipe and tank.