air source heat pump water heater cop value

COP value are very important index in many industries. air source heat pump water heater represented by the heating coefficient of performance. In simple terms, the COP is actually a heat pump system and the implementation of the heating and the ratio of the input power. Under the same conditions, the ratio shows that the efficiency of the heat pump system.
The user wants to know the source of the COP value, can under standard conditions were calculated by formula. Water temperature from 20 degrees heat to 61 degrees, measured power consumption for W. Water temperature from 11 degrees heat to 66 degrees, the time required for t. Water heat gain as: Q=C*L*△T, average water heater heating capacity is: Q = Q/T, water heater of the average power consumption is: P = W/T, measured the COP for standard conditions: COP = q/P=C*L*△T/W.
In addition to the above way, consumers can also be concluded that COP value in the simple way, such as air source heat pump water heater system heat is P1 (KW) of the rated power of the heat pump is P2 (KW) then the COP = P1 / P2. Air source heat pump water heater of COP value not only receive the environment influence, also will be affected by their own factors, such as the coefficient of performance of the compressor. Obtained from the COP value is more than just air can water heater can effect comparing.