Air source heat pump use electric auxiliary heat secret

First of all, we have a good understanding of the role of the air source heat pump function, air source heat pump used to provide hot water, heating, drying and other purposes, return to the origin of these functions are from the air energy heat from. What is the electric auxiliary heat, electric auxiliary heat is the full name of the electric auxiliary heating, literally meaning you can simply know that the air energy be insufficient heating, the need for auxiliary energy heating, which is electric auxiliary heat. Professional point of electric heating, refers to the air conditioning PTC electric heating technology. Theoretically is to use additional electric heating to increase the heat, the effect will be significantly better. PTC is a semiconductor heating ceramic, when the outside temperature is reduced, PTC resistance decreases, heat will be a corresponding increase.

According to this principle, the use of PTC electric heating technology of air conditioning, can automatically change according to the room temperature and the size of the indoor air flow to change the heat, so just to adjust the indoor temperature, to achieve rapid, strong heating purposes. So the electric auxiliary heat is generally the traditional air-conditioning manufacturers to do the air energy a large "weapon", at least from the heating can guarantee the needs of users, the air energy heat less than electric heating to clean up, as for energy efficiency that need to be considered.

In general, due to China's north and south temperature difference, climate and environment differences, the northern cold weather environment, the air source heat pump heating is a serious test, some manufacturers of air source heat pump technology research and development time is short, or no funds R & D strength, Resulting in air source heat pump heat can not run efficiently, hot water, heating effect is not ideal. In this case, the air energy need to have electric heating function, due to electric heating on the air energy heat the amount of regulation, auxiliary role, a good way to overcome some of the air source heat pump manufacturers technical short board, it can let air source heat pump products are very suitable for cold areas.

Then the air source heat pump use electric heating is not the impact of air-source heat pump energy-saving advantages, the answer is yes, as the electric heating is itself air-conditioning technology, but the air energy manufacturers can use it for air energy products, make up for its technical short board.

Of course, can not say that electric auxiliary heat is useless, from the concept of electric auxiliary heat we can find that electric heating can be more efficient to improve the heating speed, and in very cold areas (minus 35 degrees) will be used, for voltage instability in the region, the use of electric auxiliary heat can also play a better function of air energy heating.