Air source heat pump units of defrosting methods

With development of the trend of environmental protection and energy saving, the use of air source heat pump is gradually increasing, because in case temperature, air source heat pump in use process to frost phenomenon, affecting the performance of air source heat pump, today the air source heat pump defrosting methods to share with you. 

1. Stop frost: air source heat pump heat exchanger surface frost layer forms, too thick frost layer can reduce heating efficiency of the unit and increase power consumption, unit in this case the runtime also particularly prone to failure. Stop frost is the most convenient forms of air source heat pump units frost simple a way.


2. Reverse cycle defrost: switch the four-way reversing valve, which changes the flow of refrigerant, so as to achieve the effect of evaporator and condenser role exchange, close the fan, through the refrigerant of heat and the effect of the frost. This method is the most common of all the way to frost, frost process faster, improve the efficiency of the air source heat pump units of frost.

3. The hot gas bypass defrosting: open the hot gas bypass valve, turn off the fan, compressor exhaust will arrive through the hot gas bypass valve of liquid receiver, finally into the air cooled heat exchanger of defrosting.This way of defrosting effect is obvious and can not only shorten the time of frost. 

Timely to frost, air source heat pump units can not only improve the heating efficiency of the unit, also can reduce the damage to the equipment, can effectively increases the service life of air source heat pump units. Select the correct defrosting method can not only reduce the frost time, improve the working performance of the unit.