Air source heat pump to warm air conditioning hot water machine

With the country’s strong governance of environmental pollution,coal to electricity policy continues to promote the region to respond positively to improve the air source heat pump products with its environmental protection,energy saving,high efficiency,stability,low temperature,safety and other characteristics,quickly occupied the coal to the north heating market a place.According to news reports Beijing this year will be expected to complete 522 villages,about 200,000 of the coal to electricity transformation.Compared with last year,this year the workload increased by 30%.At the same time,the air source of heating+cooling+hot water all in one machine is also highly anticipated.


Air source heat pump to warm air conditioning hot water one machine is the name of the set of refrigeration,heating,hot water in one of the equipment.Air-source heat pump technology,whether it is used in heating or hot water,are based on the inverse Carnot cycle principle established a energy-saving,environmentally friendly heating technology,through the air heat to obtain low-temperature heat source,the system efficient heat collection,compression integration,become a high-temperature heat source,used to heat or supply hot water,the whole system heat collection efficiency is very high.Air source heat pump to warm air conditioning hot water one machine focused on the realization of the refrigeration,heating and hot water,both in line with national energy conservation policies,environmental safety,but also to solve the comfort of home system integration problems,so that home life has become simple and comfortable,real To achieve the modern pursuit of simple but not simple quality of life.At the same time,its heat recovery technology,the efficient use of waste heat discharged from air conditioning,not only improve the energy efficiency and thus avoid the city heat island effect.Its water and electricity separation,safe and comfortable,constant temperature bass,intelligent and easy to control,making the air to warm air conditioning hot water one machine industry concern.


At present,the air source heat pump warm +air conditioning+hot water all in one machine is widely used in household villas,high-end residential,commercial hotels,hospitals,etc.,which is not affected by the external environment,stable and efficient operation for the majority of users comfortable living,working environment to provide extreme Convenient conditions.Guangteng air source heat pump with full heat recovery,water and electricity separation,constant temperature comfort,intelligent temperature control,low temperature operation and other characteristics,and by virtue of its professional skills,rich practical experience,strong after-sale protection,the industry's benchmark brand.