Air source heat pump,the effect is really so magic

In real life, frequency of air source heat pump is higher and higher. Air source heat pump, low power consumption, no pollution, can meet the demand of heating, cooling and hot water at the same time, only need to install a set of air source heat pump can replace the home heating, air conditioning and water heater, there really is so magic. 

Air source heat pump can heating, why can refrigeration? Literally heat pump heating is granted, then why can refrigeration ? Air energy actually is the use of air as energy, short for compressed air energy generate heat, on the other hand, the release of high compressed air energy take away heat, make use of this principle, with the aid of refrigerant, refrigeratio can be realized. Although there are certain differences of air conditioning refrigeration principle but the cooling effect is small difference. And compared with the simple use of refrigerant refrigeration, the refrigeration effect of air source heat pump is relatively soft, let a person feel very comfortable. 

In general are the usage of air source heat pump, hot water is another additional heat pump function, but not all of the heat pump market can supply hot water. Because heat pump heating need water, but water circulation, the loss is very small. The hot water function is need to drain water, need immediate added. But is is not much for air source hat pump problem, because the air source heat pump water tank volume have more common, and can meet the demand of daily hot water.

And is not the same as the traditional home appliance, because function of air source heat pump is full, so it’s best preinstalled in house decoration. Because of the heat pump to conduit laid floor heating and air conditioning interface. Of course, if you have installed on the radiator, also does not need to be removed can directly use, but the temperature is not higher than the floor heatintg, in general, temperatuer can reach 20-24 degree or so. It should be pointed out that, at the same place and inside and outside of air source heat pump machine needs a certain area, the small family housing need to occupy a large space, relatively speaking is not quite a bargain.

Finally, many people fell the air source heat pump prices slightly higher. But, to know the installation of a heat pump is equivalent to install the whole residential heating, air conditioning, water heater, costs can be extremely cost-effective, in addition, save the cost of a year is very considerable. As a new energy future, air source heat pump is very let a person look forward .