Air source heat pump successfully used in agricultural production

Air source heat pump with non-gas, low power consumption, no manual and other features, in the "coal to electricity" project stand out and was applied to various heating areas.

Greenhouse is the most critical heating, previously in order to save costs, farmers are generally used to heat coal-fired boilers, this heating pollution, but also the manual duty. Nowadays, with the intensification of national environmental protection efforts, coal-fired boilers have been banned from being used. In such circumstances, air-to-heat pumps rely on features such as no pollution, low energy consumption, Stand out in the project, is applied to various heating areas.


With the more mature heat pump technology, air-source heat pump applications are also more and more areas of application of energy-saving emission reduction policies in the country under the impetus of the air-source heat pump not only into the tens of thousands of households, but also in agriculture, aquaculture also made a good result.