Air source heat pump number of match is what it means

When we consult the air source water heater or air source heat pump floor heating and air conditioning, often can not avoid the concept of "match", such as "my home 100 square meters, how many air source heat pump?", Here we take a look at the air source heat pump What is the meaning of the number of match? How to calculate?

"Match" was originally a measure of power units. Before industrialization, people used horse-drawn wagons to describe the carrying capacity of wagons and defined them according to the number of match they were equipped with. This is horsepower, unit "horsepower" and 1 horsepower (match) ≈735W (watts). Today, horsepower is still one of the key parameters to measure the performance of the car, such as the BMW-Z4's minimum horsepower is 184 match.

In HVAC refrigeration industry, "match" is a measure of heating / cooling capacity of the unit. Air conditioning is measured by the cooling capacity, 1 match ≈2500W (watts), we often hear one match machine, 3 match machine are divided according to the cooling capacity, if we do not know their home air conditioning is a few , use its cooling capacity divided by 2500w can get the result.

Said back to the number of match of air source heat pump, air-source heat pump HVAC refrigeration industry as a rising star, followed the air conditioning industry measurement standards to the cooling capacity to divide the number of air source heat pump.

In fact, the number of match of air-source heat pump air conditioners just follow the term used by the industry, but the air-source heat pump for heating and health, so the cooling capacity as the standard division of the number is not standardized, we consumers in the selection of China heat pump, should pay more attention the focus is on air-source heat pump heating, not the number of match of air-source heat pumps. See here, we should know that the number of match of air source heat pump is representative of the cooling capacity, the conversion formula: Cooling capacity / 2500w = number of match.

Finally, to everyone's popularity, why the "match" from the measurement of power units, evolved into the measurement of cooling capacity / heating unit. Early domestic air-conditioning industry, the Japanese popular brand, its industry standards also have a profound impact in the country, "match" is actually the Japanese industry standards, is the measure of air conditioning motor / compressor power unit (1 match ≈735W). In 1994, China started to use "W" (watt), a new international standard unit of measurement. According to China's energy efficiency rating standard (EER), class 1 energy efficiency is above 3.4 and the conversion of cooling capacity of one air conditioner (motor / compressor) 735W * 3.4 = 2499W (Watts). In order to call a simple, "match" gradually evolved into refrigeration units, 1 match ≈2500W (watts).

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