Air source heat pump not heating, may be added refrigerant

In the air source heat pump, cold media plays the important role of transport of heat, referred to as the "blood" of air source heat pump. In the first installation of air source heat pump, installation personnel usually one-time add refrigerant, if installation and reliable, do not need to add refrigerant within the next 10 years.


 If in use process suddenly found not good heating unit, it is likely to be the machine failure refrigerant leakage. Of course, no heating is not short of refrigerant, but his lack of refrigerant can't necessarily lead to heat. User if found that air source heat pump unit has the following situation should be short of refrigerant: under normal circumstances unit in open after an hour, about 20 ℃ the temperature will rise, if not reach the temperature may be short of refrigerant; Can also go to a test machine outside the outlet, the outlet temperature is low, the blown out if it is temperature, may be added refrigerant; Under the boot after half an hour, if the host found no condensed water discharged, can also be short of refrigerant; Refrigerant leakage can also lead to low pressure drop, resulting in the evaporator frosting tendency, may appear unreasonable frost phenomenon; Because of refrigerant and oil is mutually soluble, if the host junction and valve has a very obvious phenomenon of greasy, is a good chance that refrigerant leakage .   


If have determined is short of refrigerant, must be in a timely manner. Before adding fluoride to ensure the system has no leakage, and then pumping air into vacuum state, the system with a dedicated vacuum equipment of the air inside smoke clean; After good vacuum, find air source heat pump low pressure to join points, most of the join points are located on the back to the port of the compressor. Find pressure into the point after ready to add refrigerant and pressure gauge, electronic scale, and send to the end of the gauge to low pressure to join points, the other end to cold media bottle, before receiving the unit system to put the gas in the pipeline dry; According to the specifications of the unit, filling the right amount of refrigerant. Specific to how much, please refer to the nameplate parameters. Had better use electronic scale to add. If you don’t know how to look right of pressure gauge; Charging is completed, restart the host observe the host running situation, if you find any of these conditions don't solve, will add some cold media again.


Of course, this is just a simple add methods, if you really want to meet of failure of air unit can't heating, it is better to contact manufacturers after-sales department to check, maintenance. Air to the installation, maintenance is relatively complex, need to understand master the technology.