Air source heat pump new market - infant swimming pool hot water supply

Infant swimming pool more common in cities, people's living standards gradually increased after an emerging product. Swimming pool has a professional swimming pool, you can provide just enough comfort for the newborn child's hot water swimming experience. The opening of a family of infants and young children's swimming pool, but also to the relevant industrial chain began to be active. Among them, the air source heat pump hot water market as an important device, also ushered in the new development opportunities.

Air-source heat pump by a lot of infants and young children's swimming pool owner to fancy, there are several reasons, the first to say is safe. Normally, equipment for supplying hot water to buildings includes oil-fired boilers and coal-fired boilers. Both of these facilities have an open flame during the heating process, posing a potential safety hazard. For infants and young children's swimming pool this place has a demanding safety requirements, it is not so suitable.


Air source heat pump driven by electric energy, through the refrigerant absorbs heat in the air to produce hot water. Heating process, do not consume any fuel, natural gas, the flame does not appear to burn, so completely eliminate fire hazards. Heat pump heat exchanger also uses water and electricity separation design, but also reduce the probability of leakage of equipment at the root causes, has become the safe patron saint of the babies.

Then analyze the cost of air-source heat pump heating costs. In Guangzhou, there are quite a few cases of using the air source heat pump to heat the baby swimming pool. The author has obtained a detailed data from the list below. A baby swimming pool installed a 5P air source hot water unit. The installation cost of the project is about 20,000 yuan or so, which is about 8,000 yuan higher than the nearby swimming pool that uses oil-fired boiler heating.

However, in the subsequent use, the energy-saving effect of air-source heat pump gradually highlights. The use of oil-fired boiler heating, daily consumption of about 30L of fuel consumption, oil prices at 6.7 yuan / liter basis, the daily operation cost of oil-fired boilers over 200 yuan. Air source heat pump, as it is taken from the air, the daily power consumption is only about 20 kWh, commercial electricity price of 1.5 yuan / kWh, count down, heat pump daily operating costs only tens of dollars, far below the oil-fired boiler .

With the increase of newborns, air source heat pumps will also come one after another in the next few years in the market a small outbreak.