Air-source heat pump makes the sky bluer

In the past two years, the northern region started to push forward the process of coal-to-electricity. Most of them advocated the use of air-source heat pump heating or electric heating to replace the existing coal-burning coal for heating. In 2017, the scale of coal-to-electricity conversion is even more unprecedented. Coal to electricity is to promote the use of clean energy, air-source heat pump air can be one of the representatives of clean energy.

Air Source Heat Pump_2

Clean heating reform day see results, so that the air source heat pump has better play space. Uncle Lee of Beijing said happily: "Before it was cold, the family had to devote a special place to purchase the briquette. I wanted the house to be warm all the time. It would not only be troublesome but also the entire Now, we're warming up with the air, warming up with nothing every day. "He pointed to the thermometer at home, showing room temperature of 22 ° C.

For the use of air source heat pump heating, many residents have said that the cost is actually lower, and air-source heat pump in addition to saving energy, you can also enjoy the state subsidies for the introduction of new energy heating policies, which is now in the air energy heating project in full swing s reason.

Air source heat pump heating and coal use a completely different principle, with air and electricity as energy source. Energy-driven equipment operation, the air energy provide heat, heating efficiency can reach 400%, much higher than the coal, electric heating equipment, it is very energy saving. Since coal is not used as a heating energy source, no carbon monoxide is generated, respirable particulate matter is not generated, and zero-pollution heating is provided. Coupled with heat pump built-in smart chip, a high degree of automation of heating, naturally more convenient than coal-fired boilers.

With the air source heat pump heating project transformation, this year the entire northern region of the air quality has been significantly improved, the sky has become more blue, environmental pollution has been eased, I believe that with the full popularity of air source heat pump can really achieve "Let the earth no longer warming, the air is no longer polluted, leaving a blue sky for future generations," the great vision.