Air-source heat pump is highly sought

The history of human heating, with the continuous evolution of the times a qualitative evolution, each leap is a new milestone. Today, people's demand for heating is no longer just warm, comfortable and environmental protection has been valued by more and more users.

Traditional heating coal-fired boilers not only have low energy utilization, but also cause serious pollution to the atmosphere and high operating costs. In this context, air-source heat pumps have become a substitute for systems for heating and air-conditioning systems, both technically and economically advantageous.

Scenes to be used

Air source heat pump for the family to provide a complete set of integrated heating and cooling solutions to meet the user for cooling, heating, water diversification needs. Summer can be used as a cold source of air conditioning, winter can be used as a warm source of heat, while daily life can also provide hot water.


Air source heat pump working principle

Air source heat pump is the use of reverse Carnot cycle principle. It can use a small amount of electric energy to drive the heat pump unit, phase change through the circulating working medium in the heat pump system, absorb the low-temperature heat in the ambient air, utilize it after being compressed and warmed by the compressor.

It can be understood, air-source heat pump is equivalent to a "Master", he can absorb the energy of the air, after the spell secondary processing, into our desired heating or air conditioning.

Air source heat pump six advantages

1. Energy efficient: The use of air source heat pump technology, to absorb free air energy, supplemented by a small amount of electricity, can achieve heating and cooling, energy efficiency up to 400%. At the same time, the use of water temperature control mode, the system will automatically adjust the water temperature, bringing comfort and more energy-efficient at the same time.

2. Full-time job: Stable operation from -25 ° C to 43 ° C. Whether it is cold or heat, can protect the needs of home heating or cooling.

3. Green: The fuel used by the equipment is clean electric energy and air energy, without any pollution to the environment.

4. Safe and reliable: There is no electric heating element in the water tank to completely separate the water from electricity, and there is no danger of leakage or burning. The system has 12 automatic protection functions such as power-off memory, overcurrent, overload, high pressure and high temperature.

5.Installation portable: air source heat pump structure is compact, the installation is not subject to the direction and height constraints, do not need to fight drilling and other construction projects, and air-conditioned installed in the outdoors, to save users more interior space.

6. Comfortable and beautiful: long-lasting central hot water, not subject to pressure limits, to solve the problem of water temperature fluctuated.