Air-source heat pump into consumers winter exorcising weapon

Immediately into December, more than a significant reduction in temperature so that people feel the real arrival of winter. In order to warm the winter, many families do not focus on heating, began to look at household heating equipment. Common household heating solutions are the following: air source heat pump heating, coal-fired boiler heating, oil heating and air-conditioning heating. Among them, the air-source heat pump sold around in one fell swoop to become a hot heating program. To this end, many people want to know, air-source heat pump where is good?


To know the air source heat pump, we may wish to conduct a horizontal comparison.

Coal-fired boiler heating

Coal-fired boiler heating is the old method used for many years. Use the boiler to burn coal to gain heat. However, this heating scheme is more troublesome, the heating season takes a long time, the need for more coal, which requires making room to save a lot of coal. If space is not enough, many people have to put the coal into the courtyard, the wind blows, the sky's black smoke and dust. And coal combustion process will release nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, respirable particulate matter and other pollutants, reducing air quality.

Oil heating

Oil Ting also known as oil-filled heater, appearance and radiator similar, but the principle is completely different, is the use of baking heating, mainly by heating the leaves and the indoor temperature. This heating method, the heating range is relatively small, can not allow the overall indoor heating, only to meet the heating of small houses, can not be achieved throughout the residential heating. Oil heater also need to consume electricity, once the long-term open, the consumption of electricity is not a small figure.

Air conditioning heating

Air conditioning now comes with heating mode is more and more, every winter, many users are pointing to the air conditioning heating mode to wintering. However, long-term heating air conditioning, although room temperature increased, but the comfort is not satisfactory. The most obvious point is that it is dry. Air conditioning heating process through the refrigerant gasification, liquefaction to achieve the transfer of heat, belong to the fluorine cycle, will accelerate the evaporation of water on the human skin surface, causing throat discomfort.

Air source heat pump

Heat pumps and air conditioners use the refrigerant to complete the room heating, but because of the air source heat pump adds a water circulation system, heating comfort has changed dramatically. Air source heat pump, through the evaporator to absorb heat in the air, and then use the compressor heat, and finally sent to the heat exchanger. Heat exchanger, the heat into the water through the coil, the cold water into hot water, hot water to the radiator, fan coil and other end, release a lot of hot air. With water as the intermediate heat transfer medium, air-source heat pump heater is not dry, in the long-term heating process, can bring more in line with human physiological needs of high-quality heating.