Air source heat pump in winter proper antifreeze method

High energy early warning! Another strong cold air hit. In order to make you better use of air source heat pump to avoid heat pump unit failure, be sure to operate the heat pump unit according to the manual or manual of air source heat pump, winter frost at the same time to ensure that the heat pump heating system equipment safety, normal use, to avoid Power outage, water shortages, improper operation or improper use of air-source heat pump system caused by freezing, resulting in unnecessary losses, the majority of customers should be vigilant and conscientiously implemented!


1. Pipe insulation

When the ambient temperature reaches the freezing point, the water temperature of the air source water heater drops very fast. If the hot water pipe and the return pipe are not insulated, the heat consumption will be accelerated. Air source water heater insulation pipe mainly used insulation foam or polyurethane foam two. Small diameter insulation cotton are generally used insulation, polyurethane foam tube insulation.

2. Stay powered on

Maintaining the unit power during the winter can not only ensure that the air source water heater can provide hot water all day long, often start the compressor operation, and can ensure that the unit does not frost and make the unit operate normally.

Air-source heat pump hot water units and heating units in the winter when the outdoor temperature is low will start automatic antifreeze protection.

Note: Air-source heat pump units, water pumps, control cabinet-related switches, etc. must be in the power state and automatic water valve open state, the relevant system valves, must be in the normal open state, the unit will automatically open the antifreeze function. Power off, water shortage, wrong setting of the control cabinet, unit frost protection function can not be normally opened, resulting in frozen unit equipment, air source heat pump manufacturers are paid maintenance.

3. Shutdown precautions

If the air-source heat pump unit does not operate in winter or needs long-term shutdown, for example, frequent power failures, shutdown of units at night, winter holidays, and infrequent use of winter units, all the water in units, pumps and outdoor pipes should be emptied, To prevent unit freezing damage, and cut off the power, put a good shield. When running again, please check the system before powering on.

Note: The air source heat pump heating unit must be added antifreeze in the case of drainage emptying. According to the specific use of the customer, it is inconvenient to discharge the water and empty the water in winter, and the power and water may be cut off. The air source heat pump heating system must be added with antifreeze, and the minimum temperature of the place must be taken as the important parameter for selecting the antifreeze .

4. Icing treatment

If it is found that the air source water heater pipe has been frozen but not yet cracked, do not hit the pipe or pour hot water on the pipe, and wait for it to melt naturally.

Learn these above methods, so again the cold weather we do not have to worry about our air can heat pump!