Air source heat pump heating to warm the room as spring

Heating has become the most talked about topics in winter, in many heating methods, air-source heat pump heating and environmental protection, energy-saving features that make it stand out, the real integration into everyone's heart! With the air energy this new heating method, no longer afraid of the cold!

So air source heat pump heating system in the end is what? Simple to understand, it is free air heat + a small amount of electricity = warm winter

Air source heat pump heating is driven by a small amount of electric energy air source heat pump unit, the heat energy in the air through the heat exchanger, transferred to the water, resulting in hot water above 60 ℃, through the pump, forcing hot water indoors Of the end, such as floor heating, fan coil, radiator flow, the heat will be released indoors, thereby increasing the indoor temperature to achieve the purpose of heating, air source heat pump energy saving effect is significant, even in the cold winter, energy efficiency can be achieved 3.0 above, is the most energy-efficient and environmentally friendly heating method.


Today, air-source heat pump heating and heating with the "coal to electricity" project, ushered in a greater market opportunities, as people know more about air-source heat pump heating, more and more users choose air-source heat pump Heat pump heating engineering. Recently, “ Guangteng” air source heat pump heating renovation projects followed, various projects are under construction, staff work overtime, without fear of snow and ice, only for the user to use air-source heat pump as early as possible, in the cold winter, but also can enjoy the warmth of indoor spring.