Air-source heat pump heating power consumption is how much electricity for one hour

Air source heat pump heating daily consumption of electricity mainly by the air source heat pump unit itself determines the input power, while the power consumption is also affected by the regional climate, housing insulation and the end of the match type and other factors. Assuming an air-source heat pump with an input power of 1 kW, the power consumption per hour under standard conditions is 1 kWh, but other factors, such as frost formation in heat pump units, require some heat to be dissipated defrost will result in increased hourly power consumption, so air-source heat pump heating does not have a fixed power consumption standard.

1. The regional climate mainly depends on the average ambient temperature and humidity of the winter heating city. The ambient temperature such as -12 ℃ and -25 ℃ is different from that of the air-source heat pump. The national standard states -12 ℃ and the water temperature is 41 ℃. The COP not less than 2.1, -25 ℃ can be started normally, the air-source heat pump heating power consumption of these two ambient temperature is different, in addition the humidity of the weather will determine the unit frost frequency, frost and frost will increase the power consumption the amount.

2. End-type, air-source heat pump heating ends will affect the power consumption, because the heating end of the water temperature requirements are different, such as warm water radiation, the water temperature is only 35-40 ℃, fan coil heating is generally 40-45 ℃, and heating Above 55 ℃, the output temperature of the old-style cast iron radiators is even higher. The higher the outlet temperature is, the higher the power consumption is. Therefore, the air source heat pump with floor heating is the most energy-saving.

3. Housing insulation, thermal insulation of the building will affect the calculation of thermal load, thermal insulation is not very good building, air source heat pump heating design selection, you need to consider the heat loss, the general will increase the thermal load value, so the insulation is good Building, the use of air-source heat pump heating power consumption less.

In summary, the heat pump power consumption will be with the regional climate and housing insulation status, the end of the match type (water temperature), there is no fixed power consumption standards, air-source heat pump heating running costs how to calculate it?

For example: located in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, self-built villas, total second floor, with a total construction area of 475 m2. The second floor of 245 m2, a layer of 230 m2. It is proposed to use air source heat pump as a heat source and the outdoor heating design temperature is planned to run for 14 hours. Heat pump water temperature parameters 45/40 ℃, indoor heating to warm, known to use 370 clay brick exterior, insulating glass. Heating index recommended by the table, the second floor thermal indicators to take 70W / ㎡, take a layer of 50W / ㎡. Heating load under continuous heating: 70 × 245 + 50 × 230 = 28650W, the average heating efficiency coefficient to take 3, 28650 / 3 * 14 = 133.7kw, that heat pump daily power consumption is 133.7kw·h, according to 105 days the heating days, 0.55 yuan / kWh, 133.7 * 105 * 0.55 / 475 = 16.2 yuan/ m2, that is a 475 m2  of villa heating costs is 16.2 yuan /m2. (The above data is for reference only.)