Air source heat pump heating is both economical and easy to use

In recent years, the corresponding national call, began to vigorously promote clean energy heating, including the use of electric heating equipment to replace the coal-fired boiler heating "coal to electricity" has become the talk of north residents relish.

The "coal to electricity" has gone through three periods: direct heating, regenerative heaters, air-source heat pump.

Direct thermal electric heating is a device that converts electricity directly into heat, but because of its very low conversion efficiency and very low power consumption. According to the survey, individual households use direct thermal electric heaters for heating, a heating season should cost nearly ten thousand yuan of electricity. This is why before 2015, "coal to electricity" project often occur "electric reform, coal is still the reason."

Accumulator heaters is a use of night Valley electricity heating storage during the day and heat during the day heating equipment. However, the energy storage heater can not control the heat storage, usually during the day heat, heat storage at night. Ordinary families, most of the family during the day no one, only people will be night. And until the evening and evening need to use heating when the energy storage heater has been unable to meet the needs of the whole family to use, you must re-open the electricity, but this time is often peak electricity, electricity is expensive.


The air source heat pump is different, it is the heat in the air as a source of hot air heating system, although the electric heating, but it is not directly used as energy conversion, so it consumes very little power.

According to the data from air source heat pump manufacturers, over 200 peasant households in Beijing last year consumed almost 2500 degrees of electricity in winter and the indoor temperature can be above 15 ℃. This power consumption, not to mention by the low-cost computer, even by 0.49 yuan of agricultural electricity, also more than 1,000 dollars, with coal-fired heating about the same.

At the same time, the air source heat pump uses a "water cycle", the wind does not work, heating does not affect the indoor humidity, the human body will be more comfortable.


Therefore, at present, Beijing and other northern regions have not only banned the use of "direct thermal electric heaters" or "regenerative electric heaters" in the "coal to electricity" project, but also started to vigorously promote air source heat pump heating. According to the latest data obtained by the author, in the first half of 2017, the sales volume of air source  heat pump increased by 500% compared with the same period of 2016. Air energy be sold in the market within a year, how great progress, it is because of the "coal to electricity" role.