Air source heat pump floor heating is introduced

To warm the floor is the radiator, through the floor of the radiation layer of the heat medium, the uniform heating of the entire ground, the use of the ground itself, the heat and heat up the low of radiation from bottom to top, to achieve the purpose of heating. Water to warm refers to the water heated to a certain temperature, transported to the floor under the water pipe cooling network, through the floor heating and heating purposes to achieve a heating method, air source heat pump floor heating is one of the warm water.

Air to warm, also known as heat pump to warm, refers to the use of low-grade air in the air after compression through the compressor into high-temperature heat, the water temperature heated to 35 ~ 50 ℃, and as a heat medium in the dedicated pipeline circulation, heating floor decoration layer, through the ground radiation and convection heat transfer to the ground. 

The heat in the air to the indoor heating, heating than electricity to 200%, safe 100%, 24 hours a day heating. Today, this set of the advantages of the above air to warm in the market quickly fire up, by the enthusiastic pursuit of consumers. From the safety and energy saving considerations, the air source heat pump water heater is undoubtedly the household water and household heating the best choice. Speaking of air source heat pump water heater, some consumers may not know what it is. Air source heat pump water heater by absorbing the heat in the air to heat the water, to achieve the separation of water and electricity, no emissions, is the safest and most energy efficient hot water equipment. 

Of course, the air source heat pump water heater to promote the application is not only from a safe, energy-saving point of view to consider, but also from the user experience the comfort of departure. Air source to warm water heater, hot water and warm water completely independent, clean and safe, to provide users with a healthy natural, high quality heating and bathing to enjoy.

Relative to other heating methods, the air source to warm the water heater is more in line with the characteristics of human heating needs, room temperature from the bottom up gradually reduced to solve the cold from the foot of the problem, there will be no indoor dry, throat discomfort and other issues. Air to warm as heating and bathing hot water supply of the most energy-efficient equipment, input costs, low operating costs, comfortable experience, will become the mainstream of the future trend of heating.