Air source heat pump floor heating and radiator which is better

With the constant change of the weather is cold, people also particular concern for heating, mostly to install heating system at present, the most popular in the market is the air source heat pump heating floor heating and radiator heating, for above two hot heating ways which one is better, here is to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of them and so that everyone can have a full understanding.

Air source heat pump floor heating and radiator, by contrast, both the running principle of basic similar, is through the hot gas send out to realize the rise of temperature, finish heating, but still exist between different, installation of floor heating is in installation is needed before operation, the building is decorated after renovation is difficult when installation, quantity is big, time is longer, so after the installation is not recommended, and the radiator before decorate and decorate after all its installation will not cause any influence, less construction difficulty, installation time is short, convenient and simple. 

Air source heat pump installation, the method is relatively hidden, will not take up too much space, will not affect the beautiful house, and it has obvious advantage that the ordinary floor heating, heating faster when using, heat evenly, comfortable is extremely strong, energy saving effect is remarkable, and the radiator need to choose suitable location to install, will occupy a certain space, so that air source heat pump heating floor had a good choice. 

Air source heat pump floor heating is buried in the ground, is by raising the temperature of low temperature hot water, transfer heat from underground into the air, as a result, the heat from bottom upm confirms to the principle of keeping in good health, and the heat evenly inside the air, the temperature difference is small, comfortable and reliable. Radiator is only a fraction of the concentrated heat is to heat the air around first, and then achieve the purpose of heating by air convection heat transfer, this way of thermal comfort is relatively poor.

For now, the air source heat pump heating is a clean way of heating, with the continuous development of air source heat pump, remarkable achievements in the field of heating, and is used by more and more people, so will gradually become the first choice for heating.

Another advantage is use of air source heat pump running costs are relatively low, it is compared with other heating way, by contrast, it is also in favor of the heating way of the human body health.