Air source heat pump evaporator frost 8 major problems and troubleshooting

Into the winter, the air-source heat pump evaporator frost was originally a normal phenomenon, but if the frost can not be normalized after frost, or even ice, it will seriously affect the heating effect. Judgment steps and troubleshooting are as follows:

First check the settings are correct, defrost start time, start temperature, defrost time, defrost end temperature setting is reasonable. Under normal circumstances, the defrost factory setting start temperature is 2 ~ 4 ℃, defrosting time is 30 to 45 minutes, defrost end temperature is generally about 10 ℃. First check whether these settings are reasonable, and then proceed to the next step.

Air source heat pump evaporator frost 8 reasons and the corresponding solution

1. The bottom of the evaporator frosted

Mostly caused by poor drainage of the water tray, after the artificial frost with hot water, clean up the dirt, keep the water tray drainage can be smooth.

It should be noted that if you find the evaporator frost, do not use hard things to remove, likely to cause damage to the copper tube and even the refrigerant leak, the best way is to use hot water shower.

2. Evaporator frost evenly on both sides, and has not defrosted

check the defrosting temperature, or the host defrosting probe placed in the cream body, 3 minutes later, if the defrosting temperature is displayed above 5 , the basic can determine the defrosting probe failure, hot water shower, artificial cream After the replacement defrosting probe can be.

If the compressor is working properly, the four-way valve for commutation operation, or directly on the four-way valve power, if there is no four-way valve pull the sound, did not hear the sound of refrigerant flow, the basic can determine the four-way valve coil Broken; if there is suction sound, but no refrigerant flow of sound, it is because the four-way valve stuck open, can not be reversed, resulting in frost evaporator, this time need to replace the four-way valve.

3. Defrost is not complete

Frosting can defrost, but the defrost is not clean, not thorough, or frost on one side, frost-free on one side. This situation is generally due to:

defrost end temperature is set too low or defrost time is too short lead, appropriate defrost end temperature and defrost time can be;

defrosting probe position is not reasonable, this time will be frosted the probe placed in the frosting can be the most serious place.

4. Short time frequent frost

First check the defrost temperature is normal, if the defrost temperature shows normal below 0 , first check the host around the ventilation is good, clean up the host around the debris and cleaning the evaporator, and appropriate to extend the defrost time and improve defrost end temperature.

mainframe frequent frost, and the pressure gauge pressure is lower, the first artificial hot frost, and then observe the heating when the low pressure gauge, if the pressure is lower than normal (comparable to similar models), the basic can be judged to be insufficient refrigerant , Or refrigerant leaks.

host fan motor damage or lack of air volume, such as blade damage, or fan motor power is too small.

5. Evaporator partially frosted

One or both sides of the evaporator uneven frosting or frosting in some areas, this is because the uneven distribution of the refrigerant lead, mostly due to some of the capillary is not smooth or ice block caused by the defrost probe is moved to First frost and not easy to defrost the brass or replace the capillary, re-vacuum, add refrigerant.

6. High pressure protection during defrosting

This is because the end of the defrost temperature is set too high, the appropriate end of the defrost temperature can be adjusted, usually set to 10 .

7. Low pressure protection during defrosting

This is due to the throttling of the expansion valve when the reverse blockage or opening is too small, this time need to replace the throttling throttling expansion valve or throttle expansion valve opening, the specific method of mediation, the manufacturer's manual has a detailed Description, different models of mediation parameters are not the same, there is no way to explain.

8. No frost is also defrosting

This is because the temperature of the start-up defrost is set too high, or the defrosting probe is broken, causing the machine to malfunction. This time just adjust the defrost start temperature or replace the defrosting probe.