air source heat pump efficiency

Air source water heater has energy saving and environmental protection product advantages quickly recognized by people. The high share of the water heater market share, attracted numerous users, so people care about daily household appliances air source water heater how to use to maximize the energy saving effect of become a question. 
Scientific and reasonable heat pump host and gold match to the tank
For air source water heater, first at the time of design scheme to determine the reasonable heat pump host and tank collocation is very important. Some bad vendors in the industry to win a project, using a small proportion of the cart for engineering, but customers in the use after a period of time, no than other traditional electric water heater and energy saving energy fees how much and fast heating speed is not expected. This does not match the scale of operation for a long time, will also accelerate shorten the service life of heat pump host, only scientific and reasonable proportion is persistent.
air source heat pump installation
Installation methods for engineering project with large relative to the energy saving effect also exists. Firstly, from the water supply way to distinguish the timing water supply such as schools, hotels, hospitals and other places for all-weather water supply. And all-weather water supply in terms of installation and is divided into circulating water tank model, direct heat type, size, etc. Actually the main effect of insulation on the water tank is respectively in the water tank and piping insulation itself. For the connection of the pipe heat preservation, basically see pipeline belongs to small diameter or big diameter, the former is generally used for thermal insulation heat preservation cotton which generally adopts polyurethane foam for heat preservation.