Air source heat pump cooling is more flexible, convenient and environmentally safe

Most people have such misunderstandings - air conditioning is cooling, air source heat pump is heating. In fact, the air source heat pump can not only heat but also cool! Even the effect is better than air conditioning, and the configuration of air energy is much higher than air conditioning.


Air source heat pump refrigeration-refrigeration principle

The air source heat pump is composed of a compressor and its core. In addition, there are three types of condensers, expansion valves and evaporators. The principle of refrigeration is: the air source heat pump unit will change the low-pressure refrigerant into high-temperature air pressure, and then the high-temperature air pressure will be wound on the copper tube. The heat will accompany the copper tube into the water tank. At this time, hot water or floor heating can be provided, and then the cooling can be achieved. The refrigerant will turn into a liquid, which will be transferred from the expansion valve to the evaporator. Finally, the steam will flow in the evaporator under the action of the fan. The energy in the air will also be absorbed by the evaporator, so that the temperature of the air will be rapid. Cooling, the final formation of cold air will be discharged into the fan tray, and finally will be able to provide cold air, so repeated cycles can achieve uninterrupted cooling effect.

The use of air source heat pump is very versatile. It can not only be used for cooling, but also can be used for heating. It can fully meet the temperature requirements of winter and summer. Compared with other heating, air source heat pump is very user-friendly and no special installation is required. Air conditioning equipment can achieve cooling effect.

Air source heat pump cooling: safer and more environmentally friendly

The air source heat pump can fully meet the needs of the two seasons. In the summer, the cooling effect is not inferior to the winter heating, and without the need for additional air conditioning equipment, you can enjoy cool and cool air in the summer, and can also save a lot of expenses, and Air source heat pump refrigeration is very safe, not only can achieve 24 hours of uninterrupted operation, no pollution to the living environment, coupled with the air-source heat pump water and electricity are completely separated, so it also fully guarantee the use of safety.

Air source heat pump cooling: more flexible

From the point of view of the air source heat pump, which can both cool and heat, it can be found that its use is very flexible. Air source heat pump cooling is not affected by the environment, even if it is very bad weather, it can maintain the supply of air-conditioning, In addition, air-source heat pump cooling is also very energy-efficient, it can effectively save electricity while efficient cooling, saving a considerable amount of money for consumers.