Air source heat pump can heating in winter also can cooling in summer

Modern society, heating and refrigeration equipment has become the indispensable to many commercial building and even the civilian residential products. At present a lot of buildings have double for air source heat pump is used to as changes in temperature equipment. Air conditioning and heating are two completely different substance, air source heat pump can be really used a dual-use, this is false technology or black science technology.

In fact, it is neither a pseudo science technology is not the black science technology, can be understood as a kind of traditional air conduiting technology improvement. You think carefully, air-condition is provide cooling air in summer, winter provide warm. Air source heat pump and air-condition are the stuff, also have such stunts, and even to some extent, the better result of air source heat pump.

The secret of air source heat pump heating and refrigeration is that refrigerants, or what we commonly known as refrigerant. Air source heat pump, for example, it contains a large amount of refrigerant. Refrigerant temperature is very low at ordinary times( is far lower than the air temperature), so after the evaporator, can spontaneously absorb heat from the air. With heat, air source heat pump by the compressor and heat exchanger etc, a series of work created a hot water. The heating, air conditioning can effect comparing the COP is very high to high to 4.0, compared to the same kind of coal-fired boiler, electric boiler, the efficiency of the upper hand. So the overall economy.

Can not to say the air souce heat pump heating, what’s the use of light have hot water ? Don’t worry, with hot water, but also afraid of no heating ? Air source heat pump to produce hot water in great quantities, as long as the right end of the heating, heating can be achieved. Because it is by providing hot water for heating, suitable for the end of the air source heat pump using a lot of, fan coil is one of them. 

With central air-conditioning fan coil collocation more online scheme is very similar. However, the biggest difference between air source heat pump with air conditioning, is joined in the water. Water as the secondary heat transfer medium, carrying heat from heat pump handing to the end. The key is coming! With water instead of fluorine medium for heat exchange, which makes heat transfer process is more moderate, uniform, even if has stopped work, outdoor but will reach the set temperature of hot water in the loop. Because of this cycle to add, it would be easier to achieve the indoor temperature. Blown out and, in the wind plate and less dry, instead more accord with human body physiological experience. So the “ water cycle” is higher than “ fluorine cycle” comfort. 

Refrigeration, namely a reverse process of heating. Will switch to air source heat pump air conditioning mode. Produced by air source heat pump, cooling water, cooling water through the pipe flow to the fan coil units, through the heat exchange process, to the outside world to release air conditioning, achieve the goal of cooling.