Air source heat pump bloom energy-saving environmental protection flowers

Flowers and plants always give a natural, clever feeling, but flower cultivation, but not an easy task. In particular, the more advanced flowers grow, the more difficult it is to grow, and the higher the temperature requirement.

For flower growers, the most important factor in winter greenhouse cultivation and management is temperature control. Winter temperatures are too low often frozen flowers die or stop growing phenomenon. The traditional greenhouse cultivation of flowers and heating system is mainly stoves, heating stoves and other equipment, the use of coal, straw and other heating. In this way, the energy consumption of heating is high, the pollution is big, and a large amount of fuel needs to be consumed daily, and there is a danger of fire and a special duty is required. More importantly, the temperature can not be controlled and maintained continuously, which affects the normal growth of flowers.

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In view of the adverse effects of boiler heating, many greenhouse heating solutions have also started to change. Air-source heat pumps, a new generation of heating equipment, are beginning to occupy more important markets. So, what is the use of air-source heat pump greenhouse heating What are the advantages?

High security: the greenhouse greenhouse is the most taboo of fire hazards, air source heat pump does not require fuel heating, water and electricity separation, no fire or electric shock hazard, for flower growth and staff has brought a very safe and secure. At the same time, zero coal consumption, will not cause air pollution, but also for the growth of flowers brought a pure environment.

Energy saving: air source heat pump can absorb the heat in the air to heat, the heating efficiency of the equipment up to 4.0, the use of 1kw of electricity, can provide 4 times the thermal energy of electricity, a very energy saving.

Easy to manage: air source heat pump is an automated heating equipment, automatic heating system around the clock, free to control the required temperature, convenient and practical, to protect the greenhouse temperature environment has been in the most suitable plant growth range.

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With the continuous progress of heat pump technology, the field of application of air energy products becomes more and more widespread. Hot water, heating and drying are all involved. It is inevitable to fully replace the heating of small coal-fired boilers. In the future, the air energy be clean and heating not only in the family heating has become common practice, planting in the shed will also have a wide range of applications, everywhere blooming flowers of energy saving and environmental protection.