Air source heat pump be combined with solar energy, is it the best energy saving program

Solar water heaters created by heat pump suppliers are common in our lives. This is a device that utilizes a large area of the heat pipe (plate), which absorbs sunlight and then provides hot water. In most cases, it is known for energy saving.

This "most of the situation" is based. Many of the real cases show that the biggest shortage of solar energy is affected by the weather too much. Cloudy, rainy day, night these weather, lack of light, solar water heater without heat, it can not work properly. However, these cases, in our lives frequently appear, so the solar water heater can not do 365 days a year all-weather heating. If you want to heat, had to start comes with electric heating equipment, this way, hot water is there, but the energy saving effect is lost, and solar water heaters in the original intention of saving energy.

Air Source Heat Pump_2_1

For this feature of solar water heaters, it was proposed a solution - the air source heat pump be combined with solar water heaters.

What is the air source heat pump be combined with the solar water heater can really achieve 1 +1 is greater than the effect of 2? One of the technical staff of Guangteng is explained: "The air water heater is a new generation of heating equipment, it consumes a small amount of electricity, you can absorb a lot of heat from the air to produce hot water.With solar water heater, Heating efficiency is higher than similar hot water equipment, are recognized national energy-saving products.However, it is the biggest difference with the solar water heater, is not affected by the weather, as long as there is air around the heat pump, you can complete the heating process Sunny days, rainy days, typhoon days or cloudy weather, air source heat pumps can be stable and efficient heating.

The technical staff said "Air energy be installed to make up for the lack of solar water heater heating. No matter what the weather, unit can always provide enough hot water. Solar energy and air energy be combined, will also save energy and energy efficiency to the extreme. We can save a lot of hot water costs for the office building.We think the combination of the two is a very good energy saving program. "