Air source heat pump as the best solution for heating

In recent years, the northern heating season has become a fog season, and everyone is gradually aware of the harm of burning coal to the environment. Therefore, under the national “coal-to-clean energy”policy, more and more rural residents have abandoned coal-fired heating , replaced by a cleaner and more environmentally friendly china heat pump equipment.

In the field of domestic heating, the main force in the "coal reform of clean energy" is a gas boiler and an air source heat pump. One needs to consume natural gas and one to consume electric energy. After a heating season experience, residents using air source heat pumps are very satisfied. So, in the field of commercial heating, air source heat pump can still occupy a place?

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As we all know, air to water heating system has always been a big energy consumer, especially in the commercial field. The daily consumption is very large, so the energy-saving requirements for heating equipment are also very high. Previously, in order to save costs, most commercial sites usually chose coal-fired boilers with low operating costs. Nowadays, under the impetus of energy saving and emission reduction, highly polluting coal-fired boilers have been banned from use and can only replace clean and environmentally friendly heating equipment. In this case, the air source heat pump ushered in a huge space for development.

First of all, the air source heat pump is a device that requires only a small amount of electric energy to drive and mainly absorb the heat from the air to make it hot. It is non-gas and has no harmful gas emissions. It is very environmentally friendly. Secondly, the air source heat pump has a very high heating energy efficiency, and can consume 3 to 4 KW of heat from the air by consuming 1 KW of electricity, which is 75% more energy than electric boilers.

In contrast, although natural gas is also considered clean and environmentally friendly, the lack of gas is a serious injury. In 2017, sudden increase in the number of “coal to gas” in millions of households in the northern regions led to a complete shutdown of natural gas in entertainment venues, industrial and commercial and institutional units in many places. This is why many commercial establishments are reluctant to change their gas.

As a company specializing in heat pump heating, Guangteng's new ultra-low temperature air source heat pump has been able to operate stably at a low temperature of -25°C in the North, and can achieve an energy efficiency ratio of more than 2.0 at an ambient temperature of -15°C, resulting in significant energy savings. Therefore, in the northern hotels, guesthouses, schools and aquaculture heating projects, we can see the ultra-low temperature air source heat pump.