Air energy compete with solar energy, how to get the upper hand

Both air energy and solar energy are common renewable energies around us. Clean energy and rational utilization of these two kinds of energy make it possible to obtain large quantities of hot water to meet the hot water supply needs of various buildings. Observe the market situation in recent years, it is not difficult to find a phenomenon: the application of solar energy equipment is gradually reduced, but instead the air can gradually become the mainstream.

Also known as energy-saving equipment, why air-source heat pump prevailed?

Solar water heaters are solar light into heat, the water from low temperature to high temperature, to meet people in life, production of hot water use. However, implementing this process is not easy and requires a complete solar system that includes a heat pipe, a stainless steel tank, and a stand. Therefore, the installation of solar water heater unit requires a very large space.

Air-source heat pumps are much more convenient and the state introduced a policy in 2016 that began to require installation of an air-source heat pump in the new building. And, even without location, air-source heat pumps are not as demanding for installation as solar energy because of their small size. Water heater covers an area of only 1 to 2 square meters, with the refrigerator almost to the living room, dining room, balcony and even the kitchen installation.


Air source heat pump does not rely on electric heating, heating more stable

Solar water heaters rely on light to heat, the weather is sunny, when the solar heat is very power saving, hot water more, water temperature is high. However, the problem is that the weather is changing, in the event of cloudy, heavy rain or even night, the lack of solar water heaters the source of heat, heating seriously affected, have to open the electric auxiliary heating, solar water heater unit so sharply increased energy consumption, energy-saving effect of decay.

Air-source heat pump is completely different, relying on "anti-carnot principle" heating, heat taken from the air. The heat in the air is inexhaustible, no matter what the weather, air-source heat pump can be stable heating.

Enter the market later air-source heat pump, with two prominent advantages quickly became the home, commercial areas of the core heating equipment. In the country vigorously promote the development of clean energy technology in the contemporary, air source heat pump prospects bright.