Why the price of air source heat pump is expensive

A lot of people think of air source heat pump water heater is very expensive, so choose to buy the price is relatively cheap electric water heater or other water heater, but basic don't know the air source heat pump water heater is expensive? Where is it ? Air source heat pump water heater is very value! Look very expensive actually very save money!
               Where is expensive of air source heat pump  
1.Need compressor 
Through compressor, air source water heater is the low temperature heat absorption in the air to come in, after fluoride gasification medium, and then by raising the temperature of the compressor compressed pressure, heat the water and then dipped into water through the heat exchanger, compression after high temperature heat energy to heat the water temperature.It is much more a compressor, in the manufacturing process and performance, is much higher than traditional ordinary water heater;So the price is high.
2.Air source water heater with the central hot water system
Compared with the traditional water heater, air to water heater more than the central hot water system, technical content is higher than the traditional water heater also don't know how much, with the advent of the era of intelligence, intelligent hot water unification is imperative.The central hot water system will automatically plan the most reasonable energy-saving hot water supply scheme, 24-hour hot water supply, more intelligent and humanization, do not need the switch of electric water heater, open the hot water faucet!
Simple point is, when you want to take a shower can wash, 24 hours hot water supply, and quantity is big, a family of four people at the same time to wash.And hot water can cover the whole house, not only the bathroom with hot water, kitchen with hot water, hot water in the living room, home as long as each tap connect the hot water supply system can have hot water!
3.Low air source water heater working condition requirements
Air source water heater does not need sunshine, so at home or outside.Solar energy water heater stored water after use, it's hard to produce hot water immediately, if electrical heating and takes a long time, as long as there is air and air can water heater, temperature at minus 20 degrees Celsius above, can be confined to run 24 hours.In this way, that is, use a tank of water, an hour or so air can water heater and even more in a short period of time will produce a case of hot water again.
  Look very expensive, actually very save money
1.The energy saving efficiency
Due to the air source hot water heater is to absorb heat from the air, after intermediate medium of heat exchange, and compressed into high temperature gas.Heating circulation system through pipes for water, so little power consumption, which is about a 1/4 of the electric water heater.Manufacturing the same hot water, 4 to 6 times that of electric water heater, the annual average thermal efficiency ratio is 4 times that of the electric heating, using high energy efficiency.
2.The family needs
To meet the demand of the family of hot water, gas water heater and electric water heaters are a little "puff", think of our family have many people, use of electric water heater, shower need to queue, if a family of ten people, line down less speak two or three hours to take a bath!Now has a large hot water air source water heater, as long as there is the place of faucet can plug in hot water!And extreme energy saving, want to have the cool bath can also save money, of course, have to choose the air heater, the central hot water system, able to follow the bath don't have to worry about electricity shot up.
3.Comfortable bath, not hot and cold, durable and practical, safe and reliable
Electric water heater and gas water heater is cheap, but there are major security hidden danger, and the problems such as easy to appear slack, practical and reliable, gas water heater which gas poisoning problem, electric water heater leakage water scale deposition.Solar water heater and air source water heater belong to the environmental protection water heater products, but the biggest drawback of the solar water heater is a bath of comfort, hot water temperature is very hot in summer, winter rainy cold as hell!Recommend to use air source water heater family safety and comfort, because air source water heater uses the water and electricity separation technology, water tank with confined water tank is impenetrable, not easy leakage, more won't appear scale deposition, does not cause the gas poisoning, held constant temperature, water temperature can be keep in the electronic temperature control instrument set.General electric water heater life only 2 to 3 years, gas water heater at most 3 years, the solar water heater is very occupy a space, the air source water heater can be used for up to 8 to 9 years!And has smaller space needed!