Why low-temperature heat pump -25C to normal operation

Resulting in low-temperature heat pump and ordinary heat pump performance difference between the core components, is the compressor. In recent years, with the carrying of jet (or spray) by the enthalpy technology, frequency conversion technology heat pump dedicated compressor began to spread, has long been no longer used to look at the old eye air source heat pump. Low temperature heat pump is able to run at a lower ambient temperature, is to solve the conventional heat pump encountered several problems - due to low evaporation temperature, suction flow, compression ratio, high exhaust temperature caused by the system lack of heat, low COP and unstable operation.

The first is the use of jet enthalpy technology. The enthalpy is equivalent to the introduction of external refrigerant when the evaporation temperature is particularly low, and the branch of the condenser is divided into two streams - all the way to cool the main circuit of the refrigerant, increase the degree of subcooling. The temperature of the heat transfer temperature difference, to enhance the heat; another way to cool the main circuit of the refrigerant, reducing the compression ratio of the scroll. This reduces the actual suction pressure of the compression chamber by the new pressure injected, and the compression ratio is reduced, so the power consumption, exhaust temperature and power are significantly reduced. At the same time, the heat will increase, because the heating capacity from the main circuit to increase the degree of subcooling.

Followed by the internal structure design. The lower the evaporation temperature, the greater the compression ratio, and if you want to work at a lower evaporation temperature, the compression ratio is greater. Therefore, the low-temperature heat pump compressor scroll plate design will be larger. This means that in the case of lower evaporation temperature, low-temperature heat pump can get a higher efficiency, but also to have a lower evaporation temperature of the working range, to adapt to the larger temperature difference between the working environment.

In this way, the low temperature heat pump can also be stable and reliable in the lower temperature region, and COP is relatively high due to the lower evaporation temperature working range and the high heat consumption at low evaporation temperature.