Why air source heat pump sought after by the market

In recent years, China has been promoting environmental protection economy, the construction of ecological civilization, air source heat pump began to popular, then why in the end why the traditional market from open to popular? Air source heat pump relative to other heating systems, it has a safe, energy saving, comfortable, durable and so on.

The use of safety:relative to the traditional coal, electricity heating, air source heat pump does not exist leakage, gas water heater gas leakage, air pollution and other deficiencies, air source heat pump is the use of air heat to improve water temperature, water and promote power do not have a direct contact, allowing users to use at ease.

Low carbon energy saving:everybody more and the pursuit of quality of life, the sense of responsibility to society is becoming more and more heavy, low carbon life, green consumption and other environmental protection concept deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.And air sourceheat pump is the use of heat from the air to improve the water temperature, air energybelong to the renewable resources, in accordance with scientific development rule.Light low-carbon obviously not enough to attract consumers, in terms of energy saving, air source heat pumpwater heater efficiency is as high as 300%-500% (for general average 400%) in the industry.

Comfortable and convenient:air source heat pump patented technology - over-flow indirect heating, in the use of hot water will not be hot and cold, hot water pressure, good comfort. As long as the temperature is higher than 0 degrees, the air source heat pump will be able to provide hot water all day, make up the solar hot water system rainy days, evening, no sun, no hot water when the embarrassment.

Durable:air source heat pump with medium temperature (55 ℃) and the unique patented technology "over-flow indirect heating" way to create hot water, will only produce a small amount of scale. The general electric water heater for 80-100 ℃ heating, it is easy to produce scale, and then reduce the thermal efficiency, increased power consumption, water pressure reduction, and even lead to safety incidents. So the equipment performance is stable, the service life of fifteen years.

In addition to the air source heat pump can provide central air conditioning in the summer, winter can provide heating, hot water, can meet both winter and summer seasonal demand, a device only a space, let people feel the central air conditioning, geothermal, water heater Three aspects of the perfect feeling, naturally from the market since the market gradually sought after.