Which air source heat pump water heater will you choose

From the first generation of household water heater(gas water heater) spread so far, has been for many years.Water heater market is no longer before the appearance of the single.Now the latest generation of water heaters, also is the fourth generation of water heater air source heat pump water heater also has on the market popularity.What are the strengths and weaknesses of this water heater ?
Air source heat pump water heater and electric water heater is somewhat similar to a certain extent, they are a kind of electric consumption to work equipment.But, but different in some ways, such as security.Like electric water heater, at the time of provide hot water, heating tube is soaking in the water tank directly, once the equipment malfunction or aging, it is possible to get an electric shock.Air source heat pump water heater is heated, the separation of water and electricity, heat transfer process in a device called "condenser", electrical components do not contact with water, so it is safe.
Air source heat pump water heater rather then on the basis of traditional water heater, to our bath safety added a lock.If the air source heat pump water heater only this advantage, that will not become a strong competitor of traditional water heater.Air source heat pump water heater is in nearly two years, there is another reason is more energy-saving.
Air source heat pump water heater energy saving we can so understand. It like air conditioning, use of refrigerant absorbs some air to water heat pump, the heat into the water to produce hot water.Air source heat pump water heater power consumption is in order to complete such a process of energy transfer, because it is only the power transfer heat, rather than the electrical energy into heat, so the power consumption is less.The same case, can a 75% energy saving than the electric water heater, electricity or have certain advantages. 
Although air source heat pump water heater is very energy efficient, but in order to realize efficient heating, its internal components such as compressor, condenser, expansion valve, the structure is more complex, so the cost is relatively high.So corresponding price also higher than normal water heater.
Air source heat pump water heater technology is in progress, now in some r&d strength compared to enterprise, produced by the air source water heater, as long as usual after proper maintenance and maintenance, the service life can reach 10 ~ 15 years.The use fixed number of year or longer than gas water heater and electric water heater to many.Save a electricity every year, add up, that is a considerable number. 
The above said is a little ways, in big ways.Air source heat pump, water heater for heating power consumption, less use no gas, emit no harmful gas, is accredited by the national energy saving, environmental protection equipment.Although environmental protection is the problem of the society as a whole, we ordinary people do not need to consider.But environment good, certainly also is you want.Air source heat pump water heater popularization, could also benefit from a certain extent, improve the survival of our environment.