What is the difference between the air source floor heating and traditionally warm

As a clean and pollution-free environmental energy, air source heat pump in recent years has been widely used in hot water, heating, drying areas, the advantages of its energy saving and environmental protection has been recognized by the vast number of consumers. In the north of China increased the haze, but also to air source heat pump heating in the "coal to electricity," the upsurge among the show, in one fell swoop as consumers in the eyes of the ideal way of heating.

Traditional warm the use of a few years later, prone to temperature as before the situation, this is because the accumulation of scale or impurities in the pipeline. These scales or impurities such as not clean, it will hinder the heat transfer, resulting in lower and lower temperature, which is why the warm often need to clean maintenance reasons. In addition, there is air to warm the pipeline, resulting in hot water can not enter the loop to the cycle, will also cause to warm.

Relatively speaking, the air source floor heating on this side to improve a lot. First of all, the air source floor heating use a closed system, will not enter the air, and the water temperature is much lower than the traditional warm, between 35 ℃ -45 ℃, the lower the water temperature, the smaller the chance of scaling. For the problem of impurities in the water, the technical staff said it would require the installation of air source floor heating the system of home installation of water purification system to ensure that the water into the pipeline without impurities, naturally also to avoid the need for frequent cleaning flaws.

At present, the market of air source heat pump is divided into two kinds of inverter and fixed frequency, fixed frequency air source heat pump mainly rely on the compressor to stop, off to control the temperature; inverter air source heat pump to reach the set temperature will not stop , but to maintain the minimum consumption operation, to avoid frequent downtime, boot and excessive loss of service life of the compressor, but also a corresponding reduction in power consumption, than the fixed-frequency heating pump energy efficiency ratio increased by about 30%. Therefore, although the inverter air source heat pump than the fixed frequency air source heat pump prices to be much higher, but many people in the choice of often prefer inverter air source heat pump.