What are the influence of air source heat pump used for a long time

As one of the most popular heat pump for heating equipment, air source heat pump in rapid development, by the people, but in the use process appeared some conditions, these problems led to the raised some doubts, when the choice today and you said the air source heat pump that cannot be used for a long time.
Air source heat pump, in general, the longest time shall not be more than 10 hours, if more than this time may affect the service life of the unit, can lead to internal electrical components ageing, serious when they burn down compressor, so the reasonable application of equipment can extend the using time, reduce the occurrence of failure rate.
The cause of air source heat pump units long running including unit type selection is too small, cannot achieve the desired heating effect, or the early stage of the user in order to save costs and reduce the unit model, increased the running time when using; Another reason is climate environment temperature is too low to the insufficient running effect, and in order to making more heat and prolong the using time. The third reason is that the air source heat pump engineering installation is unreasonable, not doing a very good ventilation of corresponding measures, or no nudity in outdoor pipeline accordingly heat preservation measures, so that part of the heat losses, so in order to satisfy the needs to extend the using time of the unit.
Of course, also want to pay attention to the points in the process of use, due to the temperature of the air source heat pump is the boot loading state until the temperature rise to set state, to achieve will be in a stop state, so the unit start-stop and temperature Settings are closely linked, so reasonable set temperature is also crucial.