Want to a hot bath and central heating what need to install the equipment

To a hot bath, it need water heater, so choose a water heater can casually.If want to heating, the south because there is no central heating, can choose electric heater, or directly with air conditioning.But if you choose some traditional water heater such as electric water heater, gas water heater, hot water is had, cannot provide central heating.And if you choose to air conditioning and electric heater, and a lack of hot water.So the two devices must be installed in the home, more troublesome.Fortunately, it is really have so a product that can provide hot water and heating at the same time, it is air source water heater.
Air source heat pump water heater can also be called air source heat pump.It is also a kind of water heater, but is the latest generation of products.It is a little similar to electric water heater, rely on the power to drive the equipment operation, but it is not power consumption than electric water heater.The reason is that the principle of the far. Electric water heater heating, it is to convert electrical energy into heat energy, according to the law of conservation of energy, needs to consume a lot of electricity.And the heat air source water heater from access and in the air, so the electric water heater power consumption can be decreased by a lot.
As for how much air source water heater specifically can save electricity, is determined by a lot of conditions.Such as the local air temperature, air source water heater quality of itself. But generally speaking, in this weather, air source water heater heating efficiency up to 400%. Electric water heater heating efficiency is only 95%. So it is clear, because the air source water heater heating efficiency is four times the size of electric water heater, in other words, that is energy saving of 75%.
Air source water heater how to heating? Of course also have to supplement a heating end, in the south, called air energy machine of floor heating is more popular in small electrical equipment.Choose good after installation position, the air source heating floor machine with cold and hot water pipe connection, you can receive the air source water heater provides hot water.Floor heating machine outlet, can become hot, hot water with active convection way to provide heating.Due to heat pump for heating is through the variation of the "water" that is so not as dry as air conditioning, will be more comfortable, more suitable for long-term use.